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Mini head
basic high speed handpiece
Standard head
stainless steel
Torque head
45 degree
Quick coupling
shadowless light (1)
LED series

The more precise the better

We have advanced precision machining equipment to ensure that every part of the dental handpiece meets the highest precision standards.

Integrated CNC molding

CNC integrated processing and forming of handpiece head, the high concentricity is consistent and not easy to deform, higher accuracy.


Adhere to international medical production standards

German dynamic balance

Each movement of handpiece bearing is balanced by a German dynamic balancing machine. The bearing capacity of the shaft is more even and stable. The noise is lower and service life is longer.

Unique anit-retraction struture

Good quality products and professional and meticulous after-sales installation guidance

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Foshan Koala Medical Technology Co., Ltd

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Since 2004, we have been working in production in the dental industry. As a professional dental equipment manufacturer, we have provided high-quality OEM services for major brands such as Sinol, Suntem, Xinhua, etc. Our designer team comes from ex-Belmont engineers. We have a professional production system and R&D team, so we decided to create a new brand. This is how Koaladent was born.

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