Dental scaler

Periodontal scalers are dental instruments used in the prophylactic and periodontal care of teeth (most often human teeth), including scaling and root planing. The working ends come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they are always narrow at the tip, so as to allow for access to narrow embrasure spaces between teeth. They differ from periodontal curettes, which possess a blunt tip.

Integrated CNC molding

CNC integrated processing and forming of handpiece head, the high concentricity is consistent and not easy to deform, higher accuracy.

German dynamic balance

Each movement of handpiece bearing is balanced by a German dynamic balancing machine. The bearing capacity of the shaft is more even and stable. The noise is lower and service life is longer.

Unique anit-retraction struture

Our anti-retraction structure make it more difficult for the dust generated in the grinding process to enter the bearing and greatly increase service life of handpiece bearings.

Basic High speed handpiece

  • Head size:φ12.3×14.1mm
  • Workingpressure:0.20-0.30Mpa
  • Speed:300,000-450,000rpm
  • Power:14W
  • Weight:49g/51g
  • Bur size:1.6MM FG bur
  • Four ways spray higher cooling efficiency
  • Ceramic bearings extremely quiet

Stainless steel head handpiece

  • Head size:φ11.2×13.5mm
  • Head Material: Stainless steel
  • Speed:300,000-450,000rpm
  • Working pressure: 0.20-0.30Mpa
  • Chromium body with scratch-resistant
  • Ceramic bearings
  • Push-button chuck
  • Four water spray
  • Hygienic head system

Stainless steel high speed handpiece

  • Head size:φ12×13.1mm
  • Workingpressure:0.20-0.25Mpa
  • Speed:340,000-380,000rpm
  • Power:18W
  • Weight:49g
  • Ceramic bearing
  • Push-button
  • Four water spray, water, and air are separated
  • M4/B2
  • Full body Stainless Steel

Basic Mini Head handpeice

  • Ceramic bearings
  • Head size:φ9.25×10.60mm
  • Working pressure: 0.20-0.30Mpa
  • Speed:300,000-450,000rpm
  • Power:9W
  • Weight:47g
  • Bur size:1.6MM FG bur

45 degree impacted teeth handpiece

  • Head size:φ10×11.8mm
  • Speed:300,000-450,000rpm
  • Working pressure: 0.20-0.30Mpa
  • Titanium body with scratch-resistant
  • Ceramic bearings
  • Push-button chuck
  • Singlewaterspray
  • Hygienic head system
  • For FG extra-long burs(25mm) only.

Operation Instruction

It shall be sterilized before the handpiece is used for the first time; sterilization temperature is 135℃ and last for 12 minutes.

After using,Please follow the instruction to sterilize the handpiece:

1-extract the bur from the handpiece,uses the soft brush to clean the dirt and wash with disinfection of alcohol cotton.

2-lubricate the handpiece,pour two drops into the air tube one time.

3-wrap it with sterilization package and mark.

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