Root canal equipment

Endo motor

Endo motor-Y-SMART mini

  • Adaptor working voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60HZ
  • Adjustable torque, range:0.1-3.0N.cm(1-30mN.m)
  • M1~M7: for 16:1,speed 150~600rpm, adjustable torque
  • M8~M9: for 4:1, speed 800~2500rpm.Torque is uncontrolled
  • Packing size(mm):200x105x75
  • Weight(kg)/pcs: 0.48


1. Wireless handle, simple and convenient
2. LED lighting system, removable, high-temperature sterilization
3. Removable, high-temperature sterilization
4.9 different operating procedures, applicable to all mainstream NITI systems
5. Automatic torque reversal mode and reverse alarm function
6. Easy operating with LCD screen 7. Reciprocating mode
8.5 buttons, easy to operate
9. Non-contact charging technology to prevent liquid infiltration
10. Automatic shutdown battery power

Ergonomic Design

Light weight body

Durable mini head

One-piece design contra angle head

Japan chip inside

6 working modes for choice

Endo motor- Y-SMART PRO


1.lithium battery:3.7/1500mAh
2.Input:100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 0.4.Max
4.Torque range:0.5Ncm-4.0Ncm(5mNm~40mNm)
5.Speed range:120rpm~1000rpm


1. Wireless Controller, easy to operate.
2. Wireless wired dual-mode charging: Root gauge hole wired charging (android charging wire required.)
3. Built-in root canal measurement
4. Be used as roo test alone
5.  Multi-frequency technology, high precision measurement
6.10 memory modes with adjustable speed,1orque, and angle
7. Clockwise rotation Counterclockwise rotation Reciprocating mode Single root test Adaptive torque control
8. Continuous rotation mode
9.120 ~ 1000rpm adjustable speed
10. Adjustable automatic reciprocating movement
11. The motor and the root test are combined into one, and reverse or stop automatically when meeting the root tip.

Pure stainless steel integrated

340 degree rotation, adjustable angle

Built-in root measurement system

motor&root test two-in-one more intelligent

Wireless wired dual-mmode charging

Root gauge hole wired charging

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