Fiber optic 1:1 internal irrigation contra angle

Fiber optic/ internal irrigation/ Gear ratio 1:1



  • Push-button type
  • Rotation Speed:5~20,000RPM
  • Fiber optic light source, more stable
  • Exchangeable heads, there are CA 2.35mm and FG 1.60mm heads for choice.
  • Sterilization Temperature:135°C
  • Applicable Bur:Φ2.35mm or Φ1.60mm
  • Connector:E type connector

Operation Instruction

It shall be sterilized before the handpiece is used for the first time; sterilization temperature is 135℃ and last for 12 minutes.

After using,Please follow the instruction to sterilize the handpiece:

1-extract the bur from the handpiece,uses the soft brush to clean the dirt and wash with disinfection of alcohol cotton.

2-lubricate the handpiece,pour two drops into the air tube one time.

3-wrap it with sterilization package and mark.

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